RPO Applications

RPO Applications in the formulation and manufacture of products such as car tires, rubber, (Rubber Process oil) in shock absorbers, shoes, industrial hoses, wire and cable coating, flooring materials. Also use as a solvent in the manufacture of adhesives, sealants, polishes and carbon black. Faragam Company is supplying and exporting this product by the best quality and the most competitive price to all customers around the world. Types of furfural extract are divided into three categories: Aromatic RPO: This type of RPO is in the RPO 40 category and has high aromaticity, good solubility and dark color, and is used in the production of rubber products such as hoses and belts. Naphthenic RPO: This category, also called RPO 10, has a bright color, less aromatics and higher viscosity. For this reason, they are used in lubricants and greases. They have low volatility and good flexibility at low temperature. Paraffinic RPO (Paraffinic RPO): This category is also called RPO 250, which has the lowest aromatic content and the highest viscosity, which has a very dark color, and for this reason, it is used in the production of rubber, wax and coating.

The price of furfural extract also varies due to the type and specifications of the input lubecat as well as the quality and recovery rate of furfural from the solution containing aromatic substances. This price may be affected by factors such as market demand and supply, furfural production and recycling process conditions, and other solvent prices. Also, the possible effects of legal and environmental restrictions can also affect the price of this material. In general, the price of furfural extract in different markets may vary and change depending on different conditions.

Faragam RPO or rubber process oil categorized in aromatic oils and is packing in reconditioned clean and sound steel drums for better handling and loading. Meanwhile we are able to supply RPO applications in light and heavy grades, based on specified analysis, which is used in tire and some other different industries in accordance with relevant use. Esteemed customers which inquired about RPO, can refer to us by Email and other contact lines to place order and we will be honored to supply and exporting.