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Bitumen 80/100

Bitumen 80/100 is another grade of penetrating bitumen, that is called road bitumen. Bitumen 80/100 is taking from refinery process at the bottom of the distillation tower. Permeability of Bitumen 80/100 is specified in relation of the amount of penetration and softness degree, which is between 80-100.

Bitumen 80/10 General Applications

Bitumen 80/100, is the most widely used in road covering and coating. Bitumen 80/100 is using in asphalt and road construction. Bitumen 80/100 is a part of hot asphalt mixture.

Bitumen 80/100 Packing types

Bitumen 80/100 is supplying normally in steel drums from 160 to 190 kg. Bitumen 80/100 also packed in bitubag (Jumbo bag which is using for packing bitumen 80/100 in hot temperature) by some different capacity. Bitumen 80/100 also offering in bulk. bitumen also in oxidized bitumen packing is available

Bitumen 80/100 Customers and Export destinations

Bitumen 80/100, has too many demands from all around the world for road coating and making hot asphalt. So, Bitumen 80/100, exporting CIS, East African, India, American, Asian countries.

Bitumen 80/100 analysis

Bitumen 80/100 Specification Test method
Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg 1.01/1.05 D-70
Penetration @ 25 c 80/100 D-5
Softening point c 45/52 D-36
Ductility @25 c 100 min D-113
Loss on heating(wt) % 0.5 Max D-6
Drop in penetration after heating % 20 Max D-6 D-5
Flash point c 232 min D-92
Solubility is CS2(wt) % 99.5 Max D-4
Spot test negative A.A.S.H.O.T102

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