ethyl acetate drums

Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate with C4H4O2 formula by some other name such as acetic acid ethyl ester, acetic ether, aceto-ethane and ethyl acetate  is a  colorless liquid by smells like fruit and some glues or lacquers. Ethyl Acetate is flammable by under zero ignition temperature. Ethyl Acetate is the best solvents with low boiling and high evaporation point.

Ethyl acetate General Applications

Ethyl Acetate mostly applying as a solvent in the varnishes production , making adhesives and coatings and for synthetic leather. Ethyl Acetate used in the preparation of esters, pharmaceuticals, water extraction agents from food.Ethyl Acetate is using as gelling agents in the production of gunpowder, essential oils and Ethyl Acetate applying for perfumes in the perfume industry, cleaning agents and paint solvents.

Ethyl Acetate Packing Types

Ethyl Acetate normally packed in 220 liter steel drums. Ethyl Acetate drums putting on pallets and wrapped. Ethyl Acetate is flammable.

Ethyl Acetate Customer and Export destinations

Ethyl Acetate  is exporting to CIS, Europe, Turkey, Russia, Middle east and Pakistan to the adhesive, leather, paint, varnish, medicine and solvent manufacturers from Ethyl Acetate. Faragam Company supplying and exporting Ethyl Acetate by the best quality to customers, all over the world.

Ethyl Acetate Analysis

 Item Parameter Test Method
1 Appearance Visual Inspection Colorless, Clear liquid
2 Purity wt% ASTM D3545 99 Min.
3 Water wt% ASTM E1064 0.1 Max.
4 Acidity as Acetic Acid, % wt ASTM D1613 0.01 Max.
5 Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 ASTM D1298 0.900-0.903
6 Color, pt-co ASTM D1209 10 Max.

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