paraffin wax 1%

Paraffin wax 1%

Paraffin wax 1%, or crystal paraffin wax is producing from slack wax by fully refined sweetening process. This paraffin, has low penetration and hard, transparent, white, and non-odor.


It is mostly used for making the best quality candles, decorative candles. Also  using in cosmetic industries to make lip stick, mascara, creams, skin masks and chap sticks. It is used for food Industries as an additive in frying oils, polishing of fruits and chocolates. It is using in waxed paper coating. It is applying in publish industries as oily papers, using in water proofing, corrugated containers, carton making and flexible packaging.

Packing Types

It is making in slab shape by 5 to 6 kg weight, then 5 slabs put in a carton box or PP sacks. Sometimes we are putting in cartons or sacks on pallet and wrapping.

Customers and export destinations

It is exporting to our customers which are using it in some different industries from making candle to using in paper and cosmetics.. So, we are exporting to India, Turkey, African, European, South American, East Asian countries.

Faragam Company producing Paraffin wax product , according to the international standards requirements and exporting to all around the world by the best quality.

Paraffin wax 1% Analysis

Oil Content Max 1%. ASTM D721
Specific Gravity @25°C 0.75 ASTM D1298
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C 4/5-5 Cst ASTM D445
Color < 0.5 ASTM D1500
Melting Point 58-60°C ASTM D87

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