LABSA Industrial applications


LABSA (Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfunic Acid) is a chemical from sulfur, Oxygen, Citric Acid and LAB which used as an anionic surfactant in washing liquids, detergents and washing powders. LABSA mostly used in washing liquids as, foaming, cleaning and sponge agent

LABSA General Applications

LABSA is applying in Washing powder, Detergent, Liquid Soap, Cleaning powder and soaps. LABSA used in textile industry as a washing agent. Also, use in Pesticides as spray quality improver.

LABSA Packing Types

LABSA almost packed in 220kg Plastic Drum. LABSA drums can put on pallet and wrapping. Also, sometimes we are packing LABSA in IBC or Flexi containers

LABSA Customers and Exporting Destinations

LABSA according to consumption and relevant industry forwarding to customers which are using it in detergent, soaps and liquid cleaner products, textile and pesticide. So, LABSA exporting to Middle East, CIS, African, East Asian countries

Faragam Company supplying LABSA in accordance with International standards and exporting to customers all around the world.

LABSA Technical Analysis

Active matter ( % by weight)      96 ± 1%

Non-Digestive oil matter( % by weight)   1% Max

Free Sulphuric acid % by weight)            1.5 Max

Color [KLETT] (When dispatched)           50 Avg

Appearance      Light Yellow-Brown viscous liquid

Solubility           Readily soluble in water

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