gilsonite 5% packing in iran

Gilsonite 5-10%

Gilsonite 5-10% is natural bitumen with a range of ash which is producing from Gilsonite lumps. Gilsonite 5-10% lumps taking out from mine and forwarding to factory for processing and converting to Gilsonite 5-10% powder or sorting in specific lump size.

Gilsonite 5-10% General Applications

Gilsonite 5-10%, applying as additive in casting and steel making company due to Gilsonite heat transforming specifications. Gillsonite 5-10% using a lot in making road asphalt and mixing with other materials to improve asphalt characteristics. Gilsonite 5-10% has some other using such as in constructing pavements. 

Gilsonite 5-10% Packing types

Gilsonite 5-10% using in some industries, by different shapes from lumps to powder in specific and customized size. Gilsonite 5-10% powder is offering in 30-40 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 and 300 mesh. So, based on order, our Gilsonite 5-10% packing in Jumbo bags, 25 kg paper or craft sacks or plastic base 25 kg bags. Also, after packing Gilsonite 5-10% in sacks, they are putting on pallet, shrink and strapped, and delivery in the best quality and standard packings.

Gilsotnite 5-10% Customers and export destinations

Gilsonite 5-10% exporting to asphalt construction companies, Steel making factories, Pavement contractors and casting companies in Middle East, India, South Africa, CIS, UAE. Gilsonite 5-10% has many demands because of its own applications.

Faragam Company producing and packing Gilsonite 5-10% under international standard regulations and exporting to esteemed customers without any limitation by the best quality and competitive price.

Gilsonite 5-10% Analysis

Name Standard Results
Ash Content ASTM D3174 5-10% Max.
Moisture ASTM D3173 3% Max.
Specific Gravity @ 25C ASTM D3289 1.02-1.2
Penetration @ 25C ASTM D5 0
Softening Point ASTM D36 160-220
Solubility, CS2 ASTM D4 70-90%
Color ……………… Black

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