Vaseline industrial applications

Petroleum Jelly industrial grade

Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) Industrial grade is a semi-solid and semi-transparent hydrocarbon compound that is usually yellowish in color. As the name of industrial Petroleum Jelly suggests, this substance is not suitable for health and cosmetic purposes because the purification processes have not been performed on it and it may contain some harmful substances for human health. Industrial grade Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly is a petroleum oil that has good benefits for some industries.

Petroleum Jelly Industrial grade applications

Petroleum Jelly Industrial grade is used in various industries as a lubricant or coating. Industries such as plastic production, leather and tanning, wood-related industries, materials that must be away from moisture and water, Petroleum Jelly Industrial grade using in automotive industries and industrial machinery benefit from this type of Vaseline. Petroleum Jelly Industrial grade is also a suitable cover against moisture and its destructive effects on various materials.

Petroleum Jelly Industrial Packing

Petroleum Jelly Industrial grade is packaged in a 50 kg plastic barrel or a 175 kg metal barrel. Iso tank and flexi tank can also be used to move Petroleum Jelly in a large volume

Petroleum Jelly Industrial Specification

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C 4.5-5.8 cst ASTM D445
Congealing Point 50-58°C ASTM D938
Penetration More than 130 (0.1 mm) ASTM D1321
Color 0.3 y IP-17 METHOD A 2″ CELL
Acidity or Alkalinity According to the test method B.P 2007
Drop Melting Point 49-61°C ASTM D127
Sulphated Ash Less than 0.05% B.P 2010
Flash Point 212°C Min. ASTM D92
Specific Gravity @ 60°C 0.82-0.84 USP

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