RPO is an aromatic substance and byproduct of solvent extraction unit in oil refineries. In these units, the input feed (lobcat) is mixed with furfural solvent in special towers and causes this solvent to dissolve all the aromatic substances in the lubcat, then in a separate process, these aromatic substances are extracted from the furfural solvent. They separate and recycle furfural. The ratio of solvent to lubecate, as well as the time of their proximity, plays a significant role in the quality of extracted furfural extract or RPO. Furfural extracts produced in oil refineries are usually identified and named by their ignition temperature.

RPO Applications

RPO used in the formulation and manufacture of products such as car tires, rubber, shock absorbers, shoes. RPO using in industrial hoses, wire and cable coating, flooring materials. RPO using as a solvent in the manufacture of adhesives, sealants, polishes and carbon black.

RPO Technical Specifications

Value Test Method Description
20-65 D-445 Kinematic Viscosity at 100
250 D-92 Flash Point
35 D-97 Pour Point
0.995 D-1298 Density kg/m3
40-60 IP-2 Anilin Point
4 D-2622 Sulfur wt%
0.05 D-482 Ash wt%
Carbon Type




40 D-3238
25 D-3238
35 D-3238

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