calcium chloride powder

Calcium Chloride 

Calcium chloride by CaCl2 chemical formula is a derivative from lime processing with chloride. Purity of Calcium Chloride is from 75 to 94% and it is granular shape. Calcium Chloride should be kept in dry place due to high wet absorbing characteristic. Calcium Chloride soluble in water.

Calcium Chloride General Applications

Calcium Chloride using in food industries, making medicines and poultry. Also, Calcium Chloride using in wide range in some different industries. Calcium Chloride using in drilling mud, Calcium Chloride for packer and workover fluid, Calcium Chloride using in concrete as an accelerator, Calcium Chloride used in metal soap and making glycerol. Calcium Chloride using in de-icing and dust controlling.

Calcium Chloride Packing Types

Calcium Chloride packing in 25 kg sacks with internal plastic liner to avoid of moisture absorbing. For more confidence Calcium Chloride sacks put in Jumbo bags. Putting sacks on pallet and wrapping is possible for Calcium Chloride packing.

Calcium Chloride Customer and Exporting Destinations

Calcium Chloride product forwarding to our customers which are using it in de-icing, dust controlling, oil and drilling, making metal soaps and using in food industries from Middle east, to African, European, South American, East Asian countries. Faragam Company supplying and exporting Calcium Chloride by the best quality according to the international standard requirements and exporting.

Calcium Chloride Analysis

 Item Property Test Method Units Accepting limit Test result
1 Cacl2 ISIRI 18195 %W Min 93 99.34
2 Caco3 ISIRI 18195 %W 0.076
3 Fluoride(F-) ISIRI 13571 %W Max 0.004 0.004
4 Nacl ISIRI 18195 %W 0.15
5 Mgcl ISIRI 18195 %W 0.02
6 PH ISIRI 13571 4.5-9.5 9.5
7 Heavy Metals (Pb) ISIRI 13571 PPM Max 0.002 <=0.002

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