bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70, mostly used in making asphalt in road construction. Bitumen 60/70 mixing with other material in asphalt to give it a carpet ability character. Bitumen 60/70 price is not high and has good performance for filling cracks and improving asphalt quality. Bitumen 60/70 also using in polymer bitumen as improver of elasticity and softening. for information about the analysis of this bitumen, refer to the bitumen 60/70 specifications page

In fact, bitumen 60/70 is a black and pasty substance that exists in black and brown colors. This hydrocarbon material can be easily dissolved in materials such as carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride. Bitumen 60/70 is solid at ambient temperature, but when its temperature increases, it easily changes shape and becomes pasty and liquid. Among the most important applications of bitumen 60/70, the following can be mentioned:

  • Use in the road construction industry
  • Use in the construction industry
  • Use in various industries such as cement industry, drilling and coking, etc.
  • Use in the production of different moisture insulation such as Izogam.
Bitumen 60 70 packing price