Gilsonite powder in paint and ink

Gilsonite powder in paint and ink, Gilsonite powder uses in making paint and ink as an element which stabilize the sticky and long lasting character in mixing with bitumen and carbon black. Gilsonite has Excellent adhesive for inks used in newspapers, magazines and publications High playability Uniform black printing. High quality on paper A large amount of this precious material is used in the production of newspaper ink, which is also known as organic ink. One of the most important factors that can be used is its low degree of softness and ash below 3%. The most important thing that it does in the ink industry is to flow the material along with its stabilizer. Various types of ink can be made by combining with Gilsonite, the most famous of which are printer ink, newspaper ink, printing, lithography and offset ink, gravure, castell and flexographic ink. Gilsonite powder by following impact using in printing ink for newspaper, litography and printers. Also, gilsonite applying in making paints. Normally for using natural bitumen in ink and paint, this product should be in high quality color and low ashes and also in powder by 200 mesh and higher grain type and size. Mineral bitumen powder for making ink and paint packing in craft or two layers pp bags for using easily by the customer. So, usually the proper gilsonite for this aim is 0-5% ash content which is in soft powder shape. High quality cartridges, printer drums, inks and too many paints made by gilsonite. Meanwhile using Natural asphalt decrease risk of applying chemicals and toxic material for inhaling human beings. One of the main applications of Gilsonite is its use for the production of adhesives and sealants. This substance is a good lubricant, and by combining it with other chemicals, you can get a variety of products that are used in metallurgy or industries such as wood, refractory materials, tire production, ceramics, etc.