oxidized bitumen 115 15

Oxidized bitumen 115/15 application

Oxidized bitumen 115/15 application especially in chemicals, fuel, paint, varnish, alcohol varnish, paper, textile processing. Also, Oxidized bitumen 115/15 using in road construction, paving, repairing cracks in repair and rehabilitation works,Oxidized bitumen 115/15 uses in civil works, roofing, construction industries, sealing and Insulation of buildings, glue, building materials, bonding materials, coating, insulating and impregnating agents, rubber and plastic products, Oxidized bitumen 115/15 is used.

Oxidized bitumen 115-15, also known as oxidized asphalt 115/15, is produced from petroleum bitumen during the heating and aeration process. Oxidized bitumen 115/15 is highly sought after because it has a high flash point, high softening point and also high melting stability. One of the main uses of oxidized bitumen 115/15 is in the coating of pipes and paint production. Apart from these, oxidized bitumen 115/15 is widely used in the production of isogam, bathroom floor covering, and insulation . To view Bitumen 115/15 Analysis, go to Oxidized bitumen 115-15 Analysis page.