oxidized bitumen grades

Oxidized bitumen is produced by blowing hot air into vacuum towers and is a petroleum product, a high molecular weight hydrocarbon that includes oil, resin and asphaltene. In the characteristics of oxidized bitumen, the presence of 5 to 30% asphaltene in the bitumen makes the bitumen hard, and in blown bitumen or oxidized bitumen, due to the increase in the amount of asphaltene in its structure, the blown oxidized bitumen is harder than normal bitumen. be more In the analysis of oxidized bitumen R90/15, R120/15, Bitumen R115/15, R10/20, the ASTM test (bitumen permeability degree), which is an international test, indicates the type of bitumen oxidized or blown in different grades. The abbreviation of blown oxidized bitumen is R, for example, if bitumen is called R85.25, it means that it is blown bitumen with a penetration degree of 25 hundredths of a millimeter and a softening point of 85 degrees Celsius, wherever the word R is in front of the bitumen specifications, it indicates that the bitumen is oxidized.