Oxidized Bitumen 85/25

Oxidized bitumen 85/25 application is in chemicals, fuel, paint, varnish, alcohol varnish, paper pulp, textile processing, road construction, paving, repair work, civil works, roofing, construction industry, sealing and insulation of buildings, glue. Oxidized bitumen 85/25 is a type of bitumen obtained by blowing air into pure VB (vacuum bottom) bitumen. Compared to VB, oxidized bitumen has a lower penetration point and a higher softening point. Based on the softening point and penetration points, it is divided into three types of low, medium and hard oxidized bitumen. Oxidized bitumen 25/85 is also known as blown bitumen, hard bitumen, blown asphalt and oxidized asphalt. oxidized bitumen 85/25 using in construction additives, dust binders, under the title of coating, insulation and saturating materials. This type of oxidized bitumen is used for production and consumption in isolation because of the high temperature. For example, this type of bitumen is mixed with gasoline and sprinkled on concrete so that it both penetrates and dries quickly so that the next step can be applied. It is very effective for the production of asphalt in places where it becomes wrinkled due to high temperature, and it makes it more durable in the summer with the brakes of trucks and heavy machines. One of the main uses is in the coating of pipes and paint production. These items are widely used in the production of shingle and isogam, bathroom floor covering and insulation. oxidized bitumen 85/25 used in the production of rubber and plastic products. Oxidized bitumen 85/25 application also in asphalt-based paints to protect against metal corrosion, in the lining of public structures, as an adhesive in electric sheets and artificial grass bases. Common uses for 85/25 blown asphalt include roofing, pipe lining, Portland cement paving, hydraulic applications, and oxidized bitumen 85/25 using in paint production.

Oxidized bitumen 85/25 is widely used in the industry due to it’s nature. Some applications of oxidized bitumen 85/25 in the industry include the following:
– Road construction industries
– Insulation and sealing
– Asphalt
– Automobile manufacturing
– Pipe insulation and coating Lacquer production
– Sound insulation