Bitumen 60/70 Bitubag

Bitumen 60/70 packing in Bitubag, Jumbo bitumen or bitumen bag packing, is one of the types of jumbobag that is used to load hot liquids that have the same melting point and loading temperature as bitumen 60/70 specs. In bitumen 60/70, polypropylene fabric is used for the body of the bag and 1 piece of nylon bitumen is used for its interior. Nylon bitumen is actually nylon that Its melting point should be below 200 degrees and the loading temperature should be 120 degrees. The dimensions and melting temperature of nylon can be designed according to the bitumen 60/70 loading conditions

Bitumen 60/70 discharging from Bitubag

Bitumen 60/70 jumbo bag or bitubag is a bag consisting of p.p fabric and p.e nylon with a unique design of nylon in such a way that it can withstand up to 110 degrees of bitumen 60/70 for filling, and to remove the bitumen from the nylon, you drop it into the compartment and the nylon water and brings the loss percentage to 0 due to the increase in bitumen 60/70 quality

Bitumen 60/70 advantages of using Bitubag instead of barrel

The first point is that the total price of buying jumbo bitumen 60/70 is one-fifth per ton compared to the barrel. The second point is that according to the way of transportation (container-trailer), they are produced in two forms, with columns and without columns, which is its main and important advantage. that you don’t need to spend energy to melt the bitumen 60/70 and it is placed directly in the tank with nylon, so the percentage of bitumen loss reaches 0%, since the material of nylon is polyethylene, it has a great effect on improving the properties of bitumen 60/70. To get more information about the price of bitumen 60/70, refer to bitumen 60/70 page