Gilsonite paint, ink Application

Gilsonite paint Application

for making ink. Printer ink is a combination of carbon black and bitumen, which with the help of Gilsonite, this compound becomes more sticky and its durability is much longer. A large amount of Gilsonite is used in the production of newspaper ink, which is also known as organic ink. The most important factor that Gilsonite paint application can be used is the low degree of softness and ash below 3%. The most important thing it does in the ink industry is to streamline the material along with its stabilizer. Inks can be made in combination with Gilsonite, the most famous of which are printer ink, newspaper ink, printing ink, lithographic and offset ink, gravure, kestel and flexographic ink. Advantages of Gilsonite grade paint is High resistance to corrosion,  usually contain unreasonable ionic bonds which able to add high corrosion resistance.

Gilsonite Paint application in glimpse

Color stability Unlike many common colors, Gilsonite Grade colors are stable against light and temperature changes, and their color will not change a little (or at all) over time. Ability to shine, Gilsonite grade colors have the ability to absorb light in some conditions and return a unique shine to the display. Great flexibility, Gilsonite grade paints are widely used in various industries and are suitable for producing a large range of colors. Applications of Gilsonite grade paint Automotive industry. Gilsonite grade paints are used for the exterior design of cars and due to their high resistance and brightness, they make the cars look significantly more attractive and special under the sunlight. Construction industry, Gilsonite grade paints are widely used in the exterior walls of buildings. At the end, When it comes to paint and coatings, Gilsonite is the unsung hero, providing durability and UV resistance, ensuring your surfaces look fresh and protected from the sun’s harsh rays.