liquid paraffin applications

Liquid paraffin applications are in various industries. In the rest of this article, we will examine the different uses of this widely used product separately. Cosmetics .The use of liquid paraffin in cosmetic and health uses is very wide. The production of moisturizing creams, vaseline, softening and moisturizing lotions, oils to treat dry skin and tanning oils depend on liquid paraffin. These days, in beauty salons, liquid paraffin therapy is one of the most popular methods to eliminate dryness and cracks on the soles of the feet. In this way, liquid paraffin oil is heated in a special container and the foot is dipped into the container at once. In addition to removing stretch marks, liquid paraffin makes the skin soft and smooth and treats muscle pain to some extent.

Liquid Paraffin Applications in Paraffin therapy for the skin of the hands

liquid paraffin therapy is also used for hands and face. The importance of this product in medicine is very wide. Because it can be used as a laxative and treat constipation. Also, there are many reports of the positive effect of mineral oil in the treatment of eczema and skin irritations. Eye lubricants and penicillin production are other uses of liquid paraffin.

Liquid Paraffin Applications in Medicine and food

Mineral oil makes X-ray imaging easier and shows the clarity of images of internal organs.liquid paraffin is also used in making some medicines. Insecticide production is also done by liquid paraffin. Brightening some fruits is another use of liquid paraffin. It is very important to use liquid paraffin for lubrication of textile machines, ease of turning their wheels and lubrication of sewing machines.

Liquid Paraffin Applications Manufacturing and industrial factories

The importance of liquid paraffin in rubber manufacturing, battery manufacturing, paint and resin industry, match making, stationery manufacturing, glue manufacturing, air filter manufacturing, wooden equipment manufacturing, candle making, cable manufacturing, agricultural poison manufacturing, industrial waterproof paper manufacturing And… we see. liquid paraffin is used in infrared spectroscopy and containment of gases such as sulfur dioxide. liquid paraffin is used as a solvent for greases, hydraulic fluid, machine lubricants and cooling of electrical systems.

Liquid Paraffin Use as fuel

Many large factories related to the defense industry use liquid paraffin as fuel. The fuel for domestic gas stoves in areas such as South Africa and gasoline engines is mineral oil.

Liquid Paraffin Use of mineral oil as fuel

Advantages of using liquid paraffin Mineral oil is less dangerous than gasoline and burns cleaner. The heat tolerance of liquid paraffin is very high and it produces less smoke compared to other fuels.liquid paraffin does not have any smell and for this reason we can see liquid paraffin use in many cases.